Free shipping on all orders over € 220

Free shipping on all orders over € 220







COCCINELLE S.p.A. based in Sala Baganza (Parma), Via Lega dei Carrettieri, 6 - Partita IVA 00478330343.



PRAgmaTICA based in Vigolo Vattaro (TN), Via Roma 27 – Tel. 0461/84.51.10 -



Promotional initiative not subject at DPR 430/2001 since the mechanism doesn’t include a purchase or sell duty.






Italy, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croazia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Irland, Latvia, Lithuania, Lussemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary e Vatican.



The initiative happens exclusively during the day of Wednesday October 1st 2014, therefore starting at 00.00 of Wednesday October 1st and ending at 11.59 pm of the same day.



Overage visitors of the website, resident on the Italian and European territory.

The participation to the present initiative is free and involve the unconditional acceptance of the rules and the clauses included in the present regulation.



People who would like to participate to the initiative, exclusively during the day of Wednesday October 1st 2014, will have to enter the website and register to the website, specifying personal datas required and accepting the treatment of personal datas according to the terms stated in the privacy information note included in the same form, only for the purpose of the registration to the website.

The user, in order to register to the website, will have to:

  • Enter the website
  • Access the area “My Account”
  • Proceed to the registration by filling in the datas required by the form (name, surname, email address)
  • Authorize the treatment of personal datas ( the datas will be used only in the terms stated by the privacy information note included in the same website).

By completing  the registration following the instructions indicated above exclusively during the day of the initiative, the user will have the right to receive for free n.1 Coccinelle accessory.


Once that the user have confirmed the registration to the website, he will receive at the email address indicated by himself during the registration process, a confirmation email, and in the following days he will receive an email to which he will have to reply giving the address where he would like to receive the Coccinelle accessory.

It is clarified that every single user can register only once to the website.

If the user doesn’t receive the confirmation email, he can ask information to the email address



The product consist in a Coccinelle accessory that have a value of €20,00 IVA included.

The item indicated above is not replaceable, and is not given the right to require, with or without adding some money, the possibility to receive one or more different products, even though of a smaller value.

In case the product have been modified / updated in the shape or substance related to the promised model or if the item is out of production / commercialization, Coccinelle S.p.A is obliged to deliver to the entitled person a product of the same or bigger value that have same or greater functionality and performance.

The color/ decorum of the product is approximate and could be changed according to the availability from the suppliers.




The initiative will be communicated to the participants through web channels, social media, newsletter and press release.

The complete regulation is available for who want to consult it on the website; possible modification that (respecting the rights acquired by the participants) would be applied during the execution of the initiative, will be communicated before to the participants through the same methods of communication of the present regulation.


The present regulation in its official version is stored at PRAgmaTICA, in Vigolo Vattaro (TN), Via Roma, 27 – Tel. 0461/84.51.10, as delegated subject by the promoter for the domiciliation of the documents regarding the present initiative. A copy of the regulation is available also at the legal residence of the Promoter.





The treatment of personal datas collected during the present initiative will be done according to the current privacy regulation, at the conditions indicated on the appropriate information note included in the registration form to the website

Ai sensi della suddetta normativa in ogni momento i partecipanti potranno avere accesso a tali dati, chiederne la modifica, la cancellazione, od opporsi al loro utilizzo scrivendo al Promotore dell’iniziativa presso la sede legale sopra indicata. According to the regulation mentioned above, the participants will have the access at that datas in every moment, and will have the possibility to ask the modification, cancellation, or oppose to their use by writing to the Promoter of the initiative to the legal residence indicated above.

Sala Baganza, September 29th 2014


Legal Representative

Angelo Mazzieri