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Arlettis is the icon conceived for an eclectic woman that is inspired by men's tailoring and elevates it to female essence. Precious daily beauty: Arlettis is the revival of the Seventies to wear with spontaneity and natural elegance. Practical but with character, it proves itself to be a unique and modern bag, perfect for a woman that loves to live the city around the clock.
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Arletti's clean and modern silhouette is a certainty of style: it wants to amaze with new combinations of colors and lines, precious temptations for small daily shoulder bags or old-school briefcases. The details that make it an icon? The stirrup-shaped buckle, symbolic tilted C by Coccinelle.
From the supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who suggests a neo-preppy style and laxness from Manhattan, to the glam-chic interpretation by Sienna Miller, Arlettis proves itself among the trendsetters to be the Coccinelle icon. It-bag welcome back!