Free shipping on all orders over 250 $

Free shipping on all orders over 250 $



Art. 11 – PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 430/2001




  • Società Coccinelle S.p.A. with registered office in Sala Baganza (Parma) – Via Lega dei Carrettieri 6, VAT no. 00478330343


  • Ennio Mantovani – Concreta Comunicazioni s.a.s. Sempione 98 – 20154 Milan




  • National territory, exclusively at Coccinelle single brand retail outlets participating in the promotion and displaying the appropriate promotional materials, and on the e-commerce website


  • From 20 April 2015 to 10 May 2015


  • Coccinelle bags and mini-bags with the following identification codes:

C1UA5 18 02 01

C1UG0 11 02 01

C1UA0 19 01 01

C5UV3 15 71 01



  • End consumers


  • The Recipients will be notified of the initiative via POP material positioned in the retail outlets participating in the promotion, a dedicated newsletter, social media, the website, the web and the press office.



In the period from 20 April 2015 to 10 May 2015, all consumers who purchase 01 (one) Coccinelle bag or mini-bag referred to under the heading “promoted products” in these regulations at one of the Coccinelle single brand retail outlets participating in the promotion and displaying the appropriate promotional materials, or through the e-commerce website, will receive a free gift of 01 (one) Coccinelle bracelet with an indicative value to the public of Euro 5.80 each excluding VAT, directly at the sales desk at the time of purchase or at home together with the goods purchased.  


It is noted that, in order to obtain the right to the free gift, consumers must also register free of charge on the Coccinelle retail database (if not already registered/return customers) or create an account online if the purchase is made through the website (if not already registered), then agree to receive the Coccinelle newsletter.


Free gifts and their value excluding VAT:

During the course of the promotion, it is anticipated that 869 (eight hundred and sixty-nine) Coccinelle bracelets with an indicative value to the public of Euro 5.80 each excluding VAT will be distributed, for a total estimated prize pool of Euro 5,040.20 (five thousand and forty/20), excluding VAT, subject to adjustment at the end of the event.


The current estimate has been made by taking account of the sales of the same product (or similar products) during the same period in the previous year, duly increased to account for the effect of this promotion.   


Specific Notes:

  • As the free gifts will be delivered to those entitled together with the products purchased, as provided for by Ministerial Memorandum no.1 dated 28/03/2002 by the Ministry of Productive Activities, issued following art. 19, par. 4, Law 449 dated 27/12/1997 implemented by Presidential Decree no. 430 dated 26/10/2001, the initiative does not require a deposit.


  • The promoting company reserves the right to substitute the free gifts with others of an equal value or with equal characteristics should the stipulated free gifts no longer be available or obtainable on the market.


  • The free gifts may not be converted into gold tokens or cash in any way.    


  • The Promoter may revoke or modify the methods for carrying out this giveaway event for just cause, pursuant to and within the time frames set out by art. 1990 of the Civil Code, giving advance notice to the promisees in the same form as the previous communication or in an equivalent form. 


  • The complete Regulations will be made available upon request at Concreta Comunicazioni Sas, corso Sempione 98, 20154 Milan (MI), at the retail outlets participating in the initiative and on the website


  • Advertising: The contents of the promotion will be communicated via the following means: POP material, the dedicated newsletter and the website The company nevertheless reserves the right to use any other means that appear suitable for raising awareness of the content of the giveaway event among the recipients thereof.


  • Processing of personal data: consumers participating in this initiative consent to the personal data provided to the Promoting Company in relation their participation in the initiative in question being processed pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, without prejudice to the participants’ ability to exercise the rights pursuant to art. 7 of the abovementioned law.


  • For any disputes regarding these Regulations and this giveaway event, the court in the Participant’s place of residence of elective domicile shall have jurisdiction.