"The future is limitless" is our claim for a new tomorrow. We believe in barriers being erased, diversity valued and that all stereotypes should be dismissed. In this new landscape difference is celebrated, self-acceptance encouraged and the natural beauty that surrounds imperfection revealed. Accepting ourselves in diversity will make us stronger, the owner of our future
A Bag With A Message
A bag for a community that firmly believes in the power of dreams, a bag that promotes the most important and necessary of messages: THE FUTURE IS LIMITLESS
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Introducing the Coccinelle for BarbieTM ambassadors
Daniela Scattolin, Annalisa Arcando and Nina Rima are just some of Coccinelle for BarbieTM Ambassadors and female leaders of the next generation
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The Power of Dreams
BarbieTM has always inspired little girls to dream big. Coccinelle's collaboration looks towards a brighter future
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Diversity & Inclusion
Coccinelle for BarbieTM supports a stereotype-free dimension where barriers fall, differences are celebrated, and natural beauty is encouraged
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