"The future is limitless" is our claim for a new tomorrow
We believe in barriers being erased, diversity valued and that all stereotypes should be dismissed. In this new landscape difference is celebrated, self-acceptance encouraged and the natural beauty that surrounds imperfection revealed. Accepting ourselves in diversity will make us stronger, the owner of our future. An international project that will see the involvement of 25 countries around the world, international ambassadors will tell their own stories, launching a global message of inclusion and positivity

Making A Difference
Our mission is clear: make noise. Because inclusiveness, self-acceptance and girl power are not just hollow words
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Annalisa Arcando
"The future is limitless for me stands for no longer feeling left aside or judged because of one’s difference"
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Daniela Scattolin
"The best advice I was given is to never judge yourself"
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The Future Is Limitless
Accepting ourselves in our diversity makes us stronger, masters of our future
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Women For Women
Girls, teens, mothers, sisters, friends: a global sisterhood that broadens our horizons
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Nina Rima
"In life, I've learned we can't always control what's about to come next, but we can always keep going one way or another"
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